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Higher Education in Southeast Asia



Higher Education in Southeast Asia: Blurring Borders, Changing Balance
Anthony Welch
This is the first book to systematically chart and comparatively assess the trend towards private higher education in South East Asia. Caught between conflicting imperatives of spiraling demand, and limited resources, the balance between public and private higher education systems in South East, South, and East Asia has shifted markedly. The author’s detailed case studies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Viet Nam discuss and analyze significant policy issues and touch on key debates surrounding globalization.

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Higher Education in Vietnam: Flexibility, Mobility, and Practicality in the Global Knowledge Economy
PLý Tran, Simon Marginson, Hoàng Ðo, Quyên Ðo, Trúc Lê, Nhài Nguyen, Thao Vu, Thach Pham, and Huong Nguyen

Higher and tertiary education have become crucial to modern economies and societies. As a nation, Vietnam has great potential and its secondary school students perform very well in comparative international tests, yet its universities and colleges are poor-performing, under-funded and slow to change compared to those in neighbouring East Asian nations like China and South Korea. Why is this the case – and what can be done about it? Higher Education in Vietnam dissects the problems and provides constructive and well-located solutions, combining reform with Vietnam’s strong educational tradition, for the transformation of higher education in governance, funding, curriculum, quality assurance, internationalization, language policy, research and vocational training. Written by a team of expert insiders with international experience, this book is the first comprehensive diagnosis and prescription for higher education in Vietnam and establishes a distinctive Vietnamese pathway for modernization in the global knowledge economy.

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Administration and Governance of Higher Education in Asia: Patterns and Implications (2012)
Asian Development Bank

This publication, Administration and Governance of Higher Education in Asia: Patterns and Implications, provides timely analysis in this important field of higher education reform in the Asian region, with emphasis on Southeast Asia. It analyzes higher education and governance issues by grouping countries into clusters that share the same political and higher education background, as well as similar measures adopted to carry out the reform, so as to better illustrate the picture of higher education reform in the region. Drawing on the analysis and findings presented in this publication, the following operational recommendations are presented to development partners, such as the Asian Development Bank, for helping developing countries in the region in their efforts to improve the administration and governance of higher education: a) Assist governments and higher education institutions in sharing effective policies and practices that support the transition towards more autonomy; and b) Establish a regional database on effective practices in higher education governance.

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Mobility and Migration in Asian-Pacific Higher Education
Deane E. Neubauer and Kazuo Kuroda (eds.)

Contemporary globalization is being structured by a continuously expanding network of circuits of exchange that increasingly define the nature of the manufacturing, services, and information sectors of society. Higher education is no exception. Through case studies sited in eight Asian countries, Europe, and the United States, this volume explores the range and consequences of increased mobility within Asia-Pacific higher education and the patterns of migration emerging for persons, ideas, institutions, and practices.

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