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Children’s Books on Lunar New Year

Ten Mice for Tet
Pegi Deitz Shea, Cynthia Weill, Ngọc Trang Tô (Illustrator), Pham Viet-Dinh (Created by), Pham Viet Dinh (Contributor)
It’s time for Tet! This vibrant, unique counting book introduces children to the rich traditions of the Vietnamese New Year. A playful village of mice lead young readers through the joyful celebration, as exquisitely embroidered illustrations recreate ten scenes of preparation, gift giving, feasting, and firework displays. With simple text followed by an informative afterword, Ten Mice for Tet is a joyful tribute to a special holiday.

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Bella’s Chinese New Year
Stacey Zolt Hara and Steve Pileggi (Illustrator)

Meet Isabelle – you can call her Bella. An American girl living in Singapore, Bella is celebrating Chinese New Year at her school with a big party and we are all invited along. With her infectious smile and zest for life, Bella connects with the people and culture around her, making new friends and learning through her experiences. Appreciative of Singapore’s customs and traditions, Bella guides us through orange exchanges with friends, the magical wish of a Lo Hei salad and the surprises kids find in shiny red envelopes during the New Year. Say “nihao” to Bella and learn why Chinese New Year is one of her fave holidays!

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A Decade of Reading: The Lao New Year (pg. 24)
Room to Read

Room to Read’s The Lao New Year is a colorfully illustrated book of this annual holiday and is made even more enticing to eager young readers due to its large size — four times the size of our standard books. The drawings by Laotian artist Sikko Milakong come alive in this playful book, one of several over-sized titles published by Room to Read. Lao New Year is an illustrated spread featuring one of the festival’s highlights, the meaningful Baci ceremony when chanting monks and community members sit around a tray laden with flowers and food offerings. From this tray, numerous cotton threads of varying lengths sprout and are held by everybody and then later, are tied around their wrists. This tradition runs deep among Laotian people as an homage and a blessing that upholds the value of life, and of social and family bonds.

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The TET Pole: The Story of TET Festival
Quoc Tran (Author) and Nguyen Bich (Illustrator)

This ancient tale describes how Vietnamese villagers manage, with the help of Buddha, to free themselves of the devils occupying their country and thereafter celebrate this victory during the Lunar New Year Festival.

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