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Pan Ron ប៉ែន រ៉ន


Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Knyom Mun Sok Jet Te (I’m Unsatisfied) by Pan Ron (1974). Visitors can listen to the Featured Song by clicking the play button above.

Pan Ron (Khmer: ប៉ែន រ៉ន, Khmer pronunciation: [paen rɑːn]) was a Cambodian singer and songwriter who was at the height of popularity in the 1960s and early 1970s. She had some success in the early 60s after her hit “Pka Kabass” in 1963, but she became a national star when she began recording with Sinn Sisamouth in 1966.

In the late 1960s, Ron recorded many solo hits and duets with Sinn Sisamouth. Ros Serey Sothea’s debut in 1967 had little effect on Pan’s career and perhaps even broadened Pan Ron’s popularity as the second leading lady of music.

During the 1970s, aside from singing film songs, Ron had a number of hits including “Kanha 80 Kilometer” featured in Voy Ho’s 4th album in 1972, and “Komlos Jreus Jap”. Pan Ron is considerably one of the most versatile singers in the history of music, having a repertoire consisting of traditional, rock, twist, cha cha cha, agogo, mambo, madizon, jazz, and folk songs, leaving a legacy of Cambodian 60s and 70s music behind. While Pan Ron was the second lady of Khmer music during the 60s and 70s, little is known about her life. What is known of her comes from hundreds of songs, many of which she both wrote and performed.

Not much is known about Ron’s personal life, as she was noted to keep as much of her private life out of the public’s eye. Her younger sister Pan Rom, said her sister survived up until the Vietnamese invasions when the Khmer Rouge launched their final series of mass executions. –

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