CSEAS on Hold


To Our Loyal Followers of Southeast Asia at the University of Hawai‘i:

Due to long delays and intransigence on the part of federal government policymakers and educational program funding agencies in Washington DC, as of August 18, we will be without the funding that pays the salary of our hard working graduate assistants. As the GAs produce our public relations information and power our outreach efforts through the CSEAS website and social media platforms, these services will be severely curtailed until funding is released and salary payment is reestablished. There is no set date for full services to be restored. We apologize to those who turn to us to for timely information related to programs, scholarships, jobs, films, talks, books, and other events related to Southeast Asia. We hope to be able to return to normal services as soon as possible. The UH CSEAS staff thanks you all very much for your continuing support as we navigate these challenging times.

-Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hawai‘i

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