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Sponge Cola


Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Jeepney by Sponge Cola (2004) from the album Palabas. Visitors can listen to the Featured Song by clicking the play button above.

Among the many acts currently on the local scene, Sponge Cola has managed to rise above the college band cliché and become a lasting and powerful force in the Philippine music industry.

Sponge Cola is comprised of Yael (vocals), Armo (guitar), Gosh(bass), and Chris (drums). Formed when its members were still in high school, the band quickly established itself and began playing gigs regularly at venues all over Metro Manila. In September of 2003, they celebrated their first independent release with the 5-track EP containing the songs, “Lunes”, “A Tear”, “Saturn”, “Cigarette”, and “Jeepney. ” “Lunes” and “Jeepney”, both written in Filipino, were released as singles and proved to be a hit with local audiences. Extensive radio airplay was instrumental in broadening the band’s fan base across the nation.

In the last quarter of 2004, Sponge Cola signed a record distribution deal with Sony Music Philippines for the release of their full-length album, entitled “Palabas” in reference to the band members’ theater backgrounds. The album showcases a definitive voice in unadulterated rock, reminiscent of 90s alternative but laced with enough sing-along pop sensibility to appeal to a wider audience. It displays a seamless blend of the band members’ varied influences, while showcasing a sound that is refreshingly unique. The 14 original tracks contain traces of each band member’s musical preference: Gosh grew up on classical Filipino balladeers from the likes of Basil Valdes and Martin Nievera; Armo lends to the rock edge, citing bands like Tool, Deftones and A Perfect Circle as influences; Chris admits to being influenced by acts like the Beatles. –

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