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red toe nails by Aspidistrafly on Grooveshark

Aspidistrafly from Singapore

Aspidistrafly from SingaporeAspidistrafly from SingaporeAspidistrafly from SingaporeAspidistrafly from Singapore

Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Red Toe Nails by Aspidistrafly (2004) from the EP The Ghost of Things. Visitors can listen to the Featured Song by clicking the play button above.

From Singapore, aspidistrafly is a duo consisting of composer and vocalist April Lee (b.1984) and producer Ricks Ang (b.1980). “aspidistrafly” is a wordplay of the George Orwell novel “Keep the aspidistra flying”. The duo play music which can be classified as ambient folk with guitar-based drone, subtle electronics and various sound assemblages.

After the release of “The Ghost of Things” EP, aspidistrafly released their first full-length album “i hold a wish for you” (Kitchen. Label) in 2008. The album was launched and supported by Apple Inc. in Singapore. In addition, aspidistrafly completed a release tour around Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand & Malaysia which culminated in a headline show at SuperDeluxe (Tokyo). aspidistrafly has also contributed materials for media art performances, most notably in “Drift Net” curated by international theatre company TheatreWorks, collaborating with Daito Manabe and Takayuki Fujimoto (dumbtype). In 2010, aspidistrafly’s music was documented in two anthology compilations of experimental and independent music in Singapore.

Up to this time, aspidistrafly remains active in Japan. April has provided vocals and collaborated with haruka nakamura, Akira Kosemura and kadan. Also an accomplished artist, April does all artworks and films for aspidistrafly and is the art director of Kitchen. Label. –

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