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Aliff Aziz

Harem Belle

Harem Belle from ThailandHarem Belle from ThailandHarem Belle from ThailandHarem Belle from Thailand

Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Kalau Cinta by Aliff Aziz (2010) from the album Kalau Cinta. Visitors can listen to the Featured Song by clicking the play button above.

Mohamad Aliff Bin Aziz is a Singapore-born, pop, pop rock, R&B and soul singer, currently based in Malaysia. He is managed under Sony Music BMG Malaysia. In July 2007, Aliff Aziz was crowned the winner of a reality TV singing competition, Anugerah, making him the youngest winner of the show/competition (Aliff won the title at the age of 16). In September of that same year, Aliff Aziz releases his first self-titled album with best single Cinta Arjuna (Tong Hua cover) with 300,000 copies sold around Southeast Asia. His first single, “Sayang Sayang” receives the most number of ringtone downloads (1 million) across Southeast Asia.

Born on the 16th of February 1991, Aliff was the eldest among three siblings. At the age of three, Aliff and his family welcomed the birth of two beautiful twins, Nur Aisyah Binte Aziz and Nur A’in Binte Aziz. Aliff leads a life like any other kid in his country. He and his twin sisters attended Princess Elizabeth Primary School before heading up to the next level where he and Aisyah attended Zhenghua Secondary School while A’in went to GreenRidge Secondary School respectively. In 2009, Aliff Aziz was enlisted to the compulsory National Service where he was an instructor at the SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) National Service Training Institute (Formerly BRTC/Basic Rescue Training Centre) in Jalan Bahar. During that same year, Aliff released his second album “Its Aliff’s Time” with its hits single “Cinta” and “Kalau Cinta” featuring Malaysian songstress Joanna. “Kalau Cinta” topped the radio charts for a few months making it another record breaking song under Aliff’s belt. In 2011, Aliff ended his service with the nation and moved over to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to pursue his career as a recording artist. In early 2012, Aliff Aziz released his third album “Aliff Aziz” where its single “Jangga Ganggu Pacarku” received 1 million views on its music video within 24 hours of release. Aliff also started a career in acting, his first drama, a comedy cum musical based drama “Antara Kita” which was directed by Kas Roshan about teenagers working in a graphic design company. The 13 episode drama also stars Zaibo, Fara Fauzana, Bell Ngasri and Anne Ngasri. Others acting are Sepai (2012). –

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