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Bảo Thy


Bảo Thy from Viet NamBảo Thy from Viet NamBảo Thy from Viet NamBảo Thy from Viet Nam

Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Phôi Pha by Bảo Thy (2011) from the album Ngôi Nhà Hoa Hồng.
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Bảo Thy’s real name is Trần Thị Thúy Loan (born in June 2, 1988). She is a Vietnamese Pop singer who sings and releases music through the internet. She’s the youngest child in a family with 3 brothers and sisters and in her early career she joined and practiced with the band, Angel. In 2006, she took part in the “Thập Đại Mỹ Nhân (Top ten beatiful girls)” competition of gameonline and placed in the Top 10.

In 2007, She took part in and became a Miss of “Miss Audition” competition (also gameonline’s). She got the attention by display some songs in the game: 10 Minutes and Please tell me why. Her debut hit song “Bubble Princess” (In Vietnamese: “Công Chúa Bong Bóng”) was made popular in 2007 by its association with the game Audition.

In 2010 she took the lead role in the comedy film: Công Chúa Teen Và Ngũ Hổ Tướng (“The Teen Princess and the 5 Brave Generals”). In June 2012 she was the subject of controversy in the South Korean press when the Chosun Ilbo accused her video director of plagiarising a dance scene in front of an SUV from a video by Kim Hyun-a.

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