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The Observatory


The Observatory from SingaporeThe Observatory from SingaporeThe Observatory from SingaporeThe Observatory from Singapore

Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Hearts and Soul  by The Observatory (2011) on the album Time of Rebirth Visitors can listen to the current Featured Song by clicking the above play button.

The Observatory are an indie space rock and electronica band based in Singapore. They have toured throughout Asia and are influential in the Singapore music scene. They first performed at the Baybeats music festival in December 2002, and have released two albums, Time of Rebirth, March 2004, and Blank Walls, September 2005. Their latest album, A Far Cry From Here is already out in April 2007. They use electronic effects extensively, often using several Apple notebooks during their performances.

The band characterizes itself by combining live elements with programmed sounds, or sonic layering as they would prefer to call it. The music resonates a distinct poignant, often melancholic flavour that is almost unique to the island city.

The Observatory are themselves in awe of the endless possibilities within music itself. What they have achieved, they claim to have done so in modest measure. Their sights always set on the future, to venture far beyond the confines of trend and radio playability.

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