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Putri Norizah


Putri Norizah from BruneiPutri Norizah from BruneiPutri NorizahPutri Norizah from Brunei

Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Laksamana Raja Di Laut  by Putri Norizah (2008) on the self-titled album Putri Norizah Visitors can listen to the current Featured Song by clicking the above play button.

Putri Norizah was born on 14th January 1991 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and raised up in Brunei Darussalam since the age of 7. She is a half Malaysian (from her Malaysian father that makes her a Malaysian) & a half Bruneian (from her Bruneian mother that makes her a Permanent Resident of Brunei Darussalam). She is a music lover, a dancer, an established singer in Brunei Darussalam and the only child who comes from a singing family whereby her father, Ibnor Riza Haji Ibrahim is a known Malaysian Singer and currently still active in his career over in Malaysia whilst her mother, Norhayati Haji Mohamad Nor was a known Bruneian singer in the 80’s. She started singing in public when she was 7 years old. During her school time from Primary to High Schools, she had portrayed her singing talent by making the schools as champions in many singing competitions. She then actively continues to pursue her singing career seriously from the age of 12.

Her talent was spotted by a known Bruneian producer who owns PhuturePhase Productions, Hans Anuar when Putri Norizah (at that time 12 years old) was selected to sing a song entitled “Jambangan Kasih” composed by a known Malaysian composer, Ross Ariffin. In 2004 a Pop Traditional song for the Children entitled “Sebarkan Ke Seantero Dunia” which means “Spread to the whole World” had made her very popular in Brunei. From there onwards she had recorded a few singles whereby all of her singles (from year 2006 to 2008) had been compiled in her Self-Debut entitled “PUTRI NORIZAH” & the album was launched on 30 Nov 2008 in Brunei Darussalam. Most of her songs have been in TOP Charts in Radio Stations namely Pelangi FM, Kristal FM & Nasional FM in Brunei Darussalam. The album could also be listened by in-flight passengers as it is available on ”Sky Show” in all RBA flights (Royal Brunei Airlines) since December 2009.

She has represented Brunei Darussalam in so many events and singing competitions in other countries, also participated in Radio Television Brunei’s Memorandum of Understanding & Cultural Exchange programmes with other countries regionally. Considered as one of the most invited Artistes in Brunei due to her capability & versatility in delivering many songs Genre from Pop, Groovy, R & B and Pop Traditional makes her well-known to listeners and people of all range of ages from little ones to adults. She always gives her best to her fans in Brunei Darussalam & in other regions and hopes to go further internationally & successfully.

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