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sessiOnroad from the PhilippinessessiOnroad from the PhilippinessessiOnroad from the PhilippinessessiOnroad from the Philippines

Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Nasa Isip Ka  by sessiOnroad (2011) on the album Bakit Hindi?
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sessiOnroad is a band named after “Session Road,” the commmercial center of Baguio City (Philippines). Following the success of the band’s album ‘Suntok sa buwan’, sessiOnroad released their 3rd album ‘Bakit hindi?’ The group formed sometime in 1999 and in due course established themselves a highly regarded live band from all over the country. Armed with a musical odyssey from playing an extensive gig circuit, sessiOnroad delivers an album genuinely collaborated and composed, such that it features song writing from all its five members.

‘Bakit hindi?’ the recording reflects the band’s current tone in their respective personal lives, and presents their music in a series of gritty and catchy sequences ranging from pop songs to obscure poetry readings. The songs are uplifting, relaxed and upbeat, giving praise and humility to their current triumph, or the lack there of.

The album was written shortly after 2005 and was recorded quite swiftly as offered by their prevailing label Alpha Music Corporation. Although much could be addressed on how the songs are recorded, the band ultimately decided on keeping the tracks simple, sincere and straightforward. Each song has its identity as members overtly assert in coming up with materials and ideas that contemplates what’s instinctive in their nature.

sessiOnroad extends to a deliberate identity where music is played with a bittersweet spirit, yet embracing enough to speak of truth, sprinkling it with a vibrant insight on our everyday life. Folded, unfolding, moody and invariably surprising, sessiOnroad’s music takes yet another turn to the basic dilemmas of life.

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