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Candy Mafia


Candy Mafia from ThailandCandy Mafia from ThailandCandy Mafia from ThailandCandy Mafia from Thailand

Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Low Sugar  by Candy Mafia (2011) on the single Low Sugar
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Candy Mafia is a group of Thailand formed in 2009 by Mono Music consisting of 5 girls:
Net (Leader/Vocalist – September 9, 1995)
Garn (Main Vocalist – October 13, 1995)
Bam-Bam (Rapper – February 18, 1996)
Nune (Rapper – January 9, 1996)
Milk (Vocalist – September 6, 1995)

They began as a group of four who were covers of Korean dance groups (especially 2NE1 and 4minute). As a result of hard work and dedication, they won various awards from dance contests in Thailand. Their dance videos were seen by the company Mono Music, a popular pop music company in Thailand. Finally they were added to the Mono Music roster after passing an audition, staying for two years in intensive training program to develop their vocal skills and dance performance. The group debuted on January 29, 2009 with the song “Mafia” that was not well received by fans of Korean music, but it was a success for Thai people. In July 27, 2010 with the release of their second single “Alzheimer,” they added the vocalist Milk to change the group’s style and unlink the similarity that they had with 2NE1.

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