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Band Teleu Nekaf

Band Teleu Nekaf


Song: Kolo Kot Matani by Band Teleu Nekaf (1990) on the album Indonesian Guitars 20
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Band Teleu Nekaf consists of Meto people from west Timor. The band makes music on locally made guitars and fiddles to accompany bidu, a recreational dance often performed at weddings. Guitars and fiddles were introduced to Timor by Catholic missionaries. Band Teleu Nekaf was featured on the Smithsonian Folkways music series in the 1990s.

The group ls based in Desa Noepesu, Kecamatan Miomafo Baral, Kabupaten Timor Tengah Utara, in the western half of the island of Timor. The Meto or Pah Meto (known in the ethnographic literature as Atoni) are the dominant ethnic group in the western half of Timor. Among the Meto, and also among the “western Tetun”(that is, Tetun on the western side of the border wllh East T1mor). a recreational dance called bidu is accompanied by a string band of locally made guitars and fiddles, usually with singers and
sometimes with an added flute or ocarina. In Miomafo Barat, where we recorded this track, bidu is now rather rare, though it used to be very popular in the 1960s as an entertainment at weddings and other domestic celebrations. In other areas it
remains strong. -Smithsonian CD insert

Lead vocals: Baltasar Nali and Mathias Paul
Heo (fiddle): Hendrikus Tefa and Lukas Tefa
plucked lute: Silfester Poli, Yosef Poli, Mikhael Nali

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