at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Welcome to the NEW CSEAS


Welcome to the new CSEAS web home! After three years of solid service, we simply outgrew our old site. Web design technology continues to change at a dizzying rate, and we hope that this new site provides our users with an easier interface to navigate in search of information related to our program efforts here at UH. For instance, each country in Southeast Asia now has its own page located under the “Countries” link on the drop down menu on the navigation bar. We welcome contributions to these country pages and will continue to add resources to these pages as the website grows.

We have given the “Faculty” page a makeover and it now offers information on Southeast Asia specialists (both at UHM and in the extended community) listed by country of research and language interest. By clicking on the country map icons users will find the name/department, general research interests, email address, and home website of these SEA specialists. If you would like to be added to this list, please send us the information noted on the specialist pages, and we will include you.

Our new calendar plugin on the landing page will keep users current on our upcoming UH events. Students will find an improved portal to important program-related information via the “Students” link on the navigation bar. The previous site’s scattered program material has been consolidated on the “Programs” page, which is also accessible via the navigation bar. “Programs” include our Southeast Asia Bookshelf Spotlight collection hosted by Goodreads, our Speaker Series talks held throughout the academic year, streaming video of campus performances and other moving image resources, and our popular Song of the Week featuring Southeast Asian musicians and their bands. The extensive SEA film archive is also found via the “Programs” drop down menu. We have added distributor’s information (when available) for collection specialists who might be interested in adding Southeast Asian film with English subtitles to their library film offerings.

This project was a total team effort lead by our outstanding graduate assistants. Ronald Gilliam, our web designer extraordinaire (check out, took the lead by conceptualizing the design elements of the new site. Leon Potter and Beau Mueller worked beyond the call to develop content based on our user analytics from the old site. To these three outstanding CSEAS team members, we say, “take a bow.”

We welcome comments and contributions to the continued development of this site. You can get extended SEA content via our weekly newsletter, and also from our daily Facebook postings and Twitter feeds. Sign up using the newsletter box on the upper right side of this page.

We hope that you enjoy using the new site as much as we enjoyed building it!

Paul Rausch
Associate Director, CSEAS