Politics in Indonesia: Art, Authority and Technology

Politics in Indonesia: Art, Authority and Technology

The Dance that Makes you Vanish

Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear


Art as politics


The Dance that Makes you VanishThe Dance That Makes You Vanish: Cultural Reconstruction in Post-Genocide Indonesia
by Rachmi Diyah Larasati
Published by: University of Minnesota Press, 2013

Indonesian court dance, a purportedly pure and untouched tradition, is famed throughout the world for its sublime calm and stillness. Yet this unyieldingly peaceful surface conceals a time of political repression and mass killing. Between 1965 and 1966, some one million Indonesians—including a large percentage of the country’s musicians, artists, and dancers—were killed….

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Indonesia: Archipelago of FearIndonesia: Archipelago of Fear
by André Vltchek
Published by: Pluto Press, 2012

Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear is a fascinating and at times unsettling journey into the world’s most populous Muslim nation as it struggles to emerge from decades of dictatorship and the plunder of its natural resources.

Andre Vltchek brings together more than a decade of investigative journalism in and around Indonesia to chart the recent history of the country….

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The Technological State in IndonesiaThe Technological State in Indonesia: The Co-Constitution of High Technology and Authoritarian Politics
by Sulfikar Amir
Published by: Routledge, 2012

Using a historical sociology approach, this book illustrates the formation of the technological state in Indonesia during the New Order period (1966-1998). It explores the nexus between power, high technology, development, and authoritarianism situated in the Southeast Asian context.


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Art as PoliticsArt as Politics: Re-crafting Identities, Tourism, and Power in Tana Toraja, Indonesia
by Kathleen M. Adams
Published by: University of Hawaii Press, 2006

Art as Politics explores the intersection of art, identity politics, and tourism in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Based on long-term ethnographic research from the 1980s to the present, the book offers a nuanced portrayal of the Sa’dan Toraja, a predominantly Christian minority group in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

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