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Laila’s Lounge


lailaslounge-smallLaila’s Lounge was formed in 1998 and is currently based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Originally formed by Hadi (Vocals/Lyricist), Bai (Guitars), Icham (Guitars) and they were later joined by Bulat (Bassist), Sham Daging (Drummer) & Ajeep (Keyboards). They played numerous shows in the late 90s and early 2000, captivating audience with their musical textures and sonic-like soundscapes garnering positive reviews from the general gig going community in the process at that time. But due to a number of personal issues, (including Sham Daging deteriorating mental health) they were sent to nowhere land causing Sham Daging to be replaced by Just as the drummer. After Bulat and Just left the band, they were replaced by Anaz (Bassist) and David (ex-Polythene, now with They Will Kill Us All) joined the band on 2nd Guitars with Icham switching to drums. Later, after several frustrating chain of events, Hadi quit on the band and moved to KL where he joined a local theatre group called Sanggar Karya. Bai, the most influential member of the band then followed Hadi’s suit leaving the band on the verge of an impending breakup. It was not until in the later half of 2004, that Anaz’s passion and determination managed to persuade Bai and Icham to rethink about continuing their musical journey and reform the band. Toya now already part of the band and together they worked on new materials until they were later reunited with Hadi in 2006. –