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Ngũ Cung

Ng+Cung+Ngu_cung_dong_2009 The Ngũ Cung Rock Band (Pentatonic) was established to contribute to the Progressive-Hard Rock market, aiming at becoming THE most famous progressive rock band in Vietnam and beyond. They wish to promote the strength of progressive rock music well know in other countries (and yet still bring forth music that has an identity of Vietnamese pride. Although Ngũ Cung composition is based on a variety of dramatic “themes & stories” (native to progressive rock), the band also tries to write lyrics that their native fans (of Vietnam) can follow & identify with during normal/everyday life in that country & culture (past, present & future). Now that Ngũ Cung has reached a strong level of national fame in its own country, they have branched out to perform live in larger-scale public events & begin penetration outside of Vietnam.