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Lunarin is a band from Singapore who enjoy playing music in the alternative rock vein, and are often described as “heavy yet lyrical”. Their style of music has earned them much recognition in Singapore’s local music scene.

The members of Lunarin were all classmates in Secondary School. Their common love for music, disenchantment with the world and morbid sense of humour gave rise to a tripartite friendship that would in time last for more than 12 years. Kurt Cobain died the year they turned 16. That same year, they decided it would be fun to form a band. So they did. They roped in a fourth member, Shawn Grosse, when they were in Junior College and called themselves Fuzzbox. Eventually, however, the original trio found themselves questioning their roles in Fuzzbox – they were bored with the manner that Fuzzbox were progressing and missed the initial joys of creating songs and playing music. They therefore began writing songs in secret. Eventually however, the burden of the songs became too much to bear. They therefore disbanded Fuzzbox and created Lunarin.

Lunarin consists of Ho Kah Wye (Guitars), Loo Eng Teck (Drums) and Linda Joelle Ong (Bass, Vocals). All 3 members of Lunarin were schoolmates in Dunman High School, Victoria Junior College and the National University of Singapore. Kah Wye holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and is currently a chemical engineer. Both Eng Teck and Linda pursued law and are both litigation lawyers in litigation-based law firms in Singapore. –