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It’s A Great Great World

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 @6:30 PM
Center for Korean Studies Building

Singapore (2011, 90 mins)
Hokkien, Shanghaiese, Teochow, Hakka, Mandarin, Cantonese w/English subtitles

Director: Kelvin Tong
Screenplay: Kelvin Tong, Ken Kwek, Marcus Chin
Music: Joe Ng, Alex Oh
Art Direction: Tommy Chan Kok Onn
Cast: Olivia Ong, Chew Chor Meng, Nancy Sit, Yvonne Lim, Ben Yeow, including a host of cameos from well known Singapore singers and actors and celebrities from Hong Kong and Taiwan

Singapore, the present day. As the owner (Nancy Sit) of Brilliant Pearl Photo Shop packs up and prepares to close down the family business, her granddaughter, Ah Min (Olivia Ong), a fashion photographer, is intrigued by some old pictures. Ah Min’s mother tells her how the history of Brilliant Pearl and the legendary Great World Amusement Park, which finally closed in 1978 after 40 years, were intertwined. Ah Min seeks out her mother’s old friend, Goh Ah Beng, who tells her the stories behind the photographs. As the film takes us on a stroll down memory lane, we meet a clown on a quest to have his photo taken with movie star Elizabeth Taylor; hear the tale of a carnival shooting gallery operator who experiences her first teenage love with a Malaysian medicinal oil seller’s son; meet a washed up diva of the Flamingo Nightclub who used to sing for her lost love; and reminisce with a lok-lok (hotpot) seller who narrates the story of his wedding dinner with his mute wife the night the Japanese invaded Singapore during World War II. Interwoven into the film are stories of a multitude of characters that lived, worked, played, sang, danced, and even fell in love at Great World. The result is a slick, enjoyable slice of retro entertainment that…has enough ingenuous charm to work with audiences familiar with the Southeast Asian lifestyle – especially with its unique pot-pourri of Chinese dialects! -Derek Elley, Film Business Asia

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Distributor: InnoForm Media