at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Sleepwalk Circus


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“Sleepwalk Circus is an effects and often crescendo centric band with the name deriving from a played-with metaphor and definition that “living is best done with one’s eyes closed.”

Their music is occasionally called a “Frankenstein of musical genres that surprisingly works.” Audiences have called it many different things. These include Alternative, Post Rock, Shoe-gaze, Nu-gaze, Dream-pop, Math Rock and so on.

Whatever ‘genre’ flag SC seem to be hoisting on top of their tents, rest assured once you shut your eyes and allow your ears inside it, you will be immersed into SC’s own little world. A world where their lights hold you in a trance while the walls of sound batter, flow and seep into you. This experience will leave you with a feeling of what it is like to truly have your eyes closed.”