at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
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It started from the earlier days that young dudes were eager and fun to take part in high school music competitions. At that time, each of us made a lot of friends and join in many music groups formed from different schools. Within those relationships, in the year of 2001, Lĩnh was invited to play in a Beatles-and-CCR cover band – The Weekend Together. Lĩnh met Trung, the funny drummer there. They were quickly sync. Together and enjoyed trying out many music styles since. When this band parted, both of them contacted many other friends to form a new band. The dudes from high school time joined one after another, they was excited to rehearse at the first time, then after a while, they left by personal reasons. Players in-n-out, changing of personal abilities to play, characteristic and personal tastes conflicts…etc. all led to a common situation of forming-then-parting of many young bands in Saigon.

The band was named Microwave in that chaos time, and most of the members were students of different technical universities. The idea was very simple. The rock show is considered a huge oven, and within that space, Microwave will be the strongest waves to resonate with the audiences burning out the passion for music, twisting hard the atmosphere and rocking harder than ever. Yet very simple and passionate with deep desire.