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Of Love and Eggs (Rindu kami padamu)

Of love and eggs image

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 @ 6:30 PM
Center for Korean Studies Building, UHM
Indonesia (2004, 87 mins)
Indonesia w/English subtitles
Co-sponsored by Muslim Societies of Asia and the Pacific

Director: Garin Nugroho
Stars: Fauzi Baadila, Nova Eliza and Jaja Mihardja

Top Indonesian helmer Garin Nugroho crafts a simple ensemble piece geared to showing the humane side of a religion more often demonized than embraced. “Of Love and Eggs” uses a gentle, slightly bumbling Imam (Didi Petet) as the paternal face of Islam, a benevolent figure doling out love with warmth and humor to assorted working-class types around a Jakarta market. Shot entirely on a crowded set, the pic begins shortly before the Lebaran holiday, when most return to their native villages. Those left in town include Asih (Putri Mulia), an angry young girl unwilling to accept that her mother may have abandoned the family; Bimo (Sakurtha H. Ginting), a mischievous boy selling eggs at the market; and Rindu (Raisa Pramesi), a deaf girl impatiently awaiting her brother’s return. Five different dialects and multiple ethnicities are used to turn the market into a national microcosm, united by their faith. -Jay Weissber

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