at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Force Vomit

The sordid saga that is the Force Vomit story started in late 1993 when four night-shift taxi drivers decided to take musical matters into their own hands and start their own band. This motley crue of treble spankers has had many line-up changes and messy misadventures since then – with one thing in common – they still can’t play their instruments properly. Despite charming obstacles like being expected to play for free 90% of the time (and in the few instance when they do get moolah, get labelled “sellout” by dogmatic scenesters) and a media that tries its best to pretend “local music” doesn’t exist (and in the few instance when they do get exposure, get labelled “sellout” by dogmatic scenesters), these style-deprived shenanigans are here to stay.