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Feasts, Festivals and Tradition

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* Festivals of Laos
* Indonesia (Festivals of the World)
* Kneeling Carabao & Dancing Giants: Celebrating Filipino Festivals
* Traditional Festivals in Thailand
* Traditional Festivals in Viet Nam

Festivals of Laos

by Martin Stuart-Fox and Somsanouk Mixay and Steve Northup
University of Washington Press, 2010

Laos is a land of festivals. Every village, every temple, and every ethnic minority not only holds its own special festivals but joins the wider Lao community in celebrating the national ones as well. This book explores the most important festivals of Laos and offers a rare and fascinating glimpse into the spiritual and communal life of the Lao people. Written and photographed by experts in Lao history, society, and culture, Festivals of Laos is a wonderful combination of insightful narrative and stunning photography.

Martin Stuart-Fox is professor emeritus of Asian studies at the University of Queensland and the author of six books on the history, politics, and culture of Laos.
Somsanouk Mixay has worked in Laos in the news and media sector for many years and has many articles, features, and books to his credit.
Steve Northup has served as staff photographer for the Washington Post and Time magazine. He lives in rural New Mexico.

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Indonesia (Festivals of the World)

by Elizabeth Berg\
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 1997

Describes how the culture of Indonesia is reflected in its many festivals, including Sekatan, Good Friday, and Fahombe.


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Kneeling Carabao & Dancing Giants: Celebrating Filipino Festivals

by Rena Krasno and Ileana C. Lee
Pacific View Press, 1997

Watch a parade of flower-wreathed water buffaloes, listen to the sonorous music of the kulingtang, feast on tropical fruits and flavors…There’s always something to celebrate, somewhere, in the Philippines.

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Traditional Festivals in Thailand

by Ruth Gerson
Oxford University Press, 1996

Thailand’s cultural heritage is rich with holidays and festivals. Religious, royal, and agricultural holidays and cultural festivals all contribute to a kaleidoscope of colorful activities that have long captured the hearts of the local people as well as the interest of visitors. This beautifully illustrated book discusses the reasons for observing the various festivals, their origins and legends, and the location and time of year at which each takes place. Gerson shows throughout how, in Thailand, religion and culture are intertwined.

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Traditional Festivals in Viet Nam

by Do Phuong Quynh
The Gioi Publishers, 2008

In the pages that follow, we give an account of a number of well-known festivals in Viet Nam (arranged in the order of Lunar months) in order to give the readers a diverse picture of Viet Nam’s traditional culture. In addition, the book also deals with a number of festivals of minority ethnic groups which have coexisted with the Kinh (Viet) ethnic group for a very long time. The interaction between these groups is of historical proportion.

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