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Mar Mar Aye: မာမာေအး

It was on 26 July 1942 in the Irrawaddy delta that Mar Mar Aye (မာမာေအး) was born. Her parents were also artists. So they started very early with the classic song and at eight years took on a first record. Its national breakthrough with their second record (Thet Tan Paw Hmar Kasar-mae “Let’s Play on the Rainbow”), which she recorded at the age of thirteen.

Before she left Myanmar, she was in from 1955 and 1997 a recognized artist. Mar Mar was a member of the National Music Council and has held high positions in the Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS). She published more than 6,000 lives in their songs, starred in three films and written two novels. She is also the founder of the Singing Academy Aye, Aye, the Musical Enterprise and the Mar Aye Foundation.

Since emigrating to the United States in 1998, she has devoted to researching music and traveled abroad Burma, Myanmar exile groups to bring once their music. In Burma the BBC they discussed on the show Pyaw Pya Sat Ya Dwe Le Bon Gyi Ta Shi The De (“I Still Have So Much to Tell You”), various issues. In 2007, she dedicated the participants of the Saffron Revolution, a song titled A-thae Kabar Makyae Nar (“Heartache to last till the World’s Annihilation”). They also released a campaign song for the national referendum in Myanmar with the title “Vote No!” and a song for the victims of Tropical Storm Nargis. –translated from German wikipedia