at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa


 After the release of two commercially successful major label albums, a change in line-up, and a long hiatus from the mainstream circle, one would think that the band behind the hits Torete, Sulat, Sa Langit (now the theme music to Surf detergent) would rest on its laurels and comfort zones in terms of songwriting and playing. Moonstar88 defies this stereotyping with their latest album under Sony BMG.

Maychelle Baay (vocals/guitars); Herbert Hernandez (guitars); Paolo Bernaldo (bass); Bon Sundiang (drums) came up with a very apt title TODO COMBO! While most bands’ music grows but personally drifts apart, this group confesses that their journey together has grown further from being mere band members to a band fully-bonded by experiences on and off the road.

Four individuals with careers outside the band – the restaurateur and music video director Paolo, advertising guy Herbert; radio marketer Bon; and clinical researcher Maysh- has emerged with a fresh and positive spin to songs such as Tadhana, Can’t Stop, Migraine and their much-lauded version of APO classic Panalangin. Tracks such as Di Kasi, Late Ka Na Naman, Bintana, and their YANO remake – Senti, meanwhile, remain faithful to the band’s trademark sound. –

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