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Techy Romantics

A marriage of modern-day cool and old-fashioned vulnerability is exactly what Dondi Virrey, Ryan Villena, and Camille Besinga set out to express when they formed dancetronica outfit Techy Romantics in June 2008. Dondi weaves layer upon layer of electronica, conjuring moods that gracefully glide from ecstasy to melancholy. Ryan’s guitars ease in, propping up the dreamy dance vibe with a sturdy dose of grit and gravitas. Camille’s words-equal parts somber, sensual, and soothing-round out the sonic experience, a clear, calming presence that cuts through the cloud of riffs and beats.

The release of Techy Romantics’ phenomenal debut “Touch” in 2009 quickly established the trio as indie favorites. They had enraptured an audience thrilled to discover that electronic music could be both danceable and deeply personal.

Two years after the release of “Touch,” Techy Romantics proudly unveil their follow-up album “Escape,” crafted under the deft hand of producer Silverfilter. Escape’s title track pulsates with a sweeping, heart-wrenching urgency-a stark sign that the band has grown up, exploring grander styles and stronger sentiments for their sophomore sound.

But as far as Techy Romantics are concerned, one thing remains constant: when city nights intensify the beating of secret hearts, you can count on their songs to serve as your soundtrack. (by Cheekie Albay)

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