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The Moon at the Bottom of the Well (Trăng Nơi Đáy Giếng)

Moon at the bottom of the well image
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 @ 6:30 PM
Korean Studies Auditorium

Viet Nam (2008, 121 minutes)
Vietnamese w/English subtitles
Director: Nguyen Vinh Son
Writer: Chau Tho (based on the novel by Tran Thuy Mai)
Cast: Hong Anh, Hoang Cao De

Hanh, a dutiful wife and schoolteacher in a rural village, enjoys a happy marriage with her husband Phuong, the local school headmaster. However, Hanh is childless and Phuong takes a second wife in order to have children. In the small village their secret is impossible to keep for long.

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Distributor: Alliance Films, Paris