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Lê Hồng Nhung

Lê Hồng Nhung, born March 15, 1970, is a Vietnamese singer. She is one of the four divas in Vietnamese music, along with Thanh Lam, My Linh, and Tran Thu Ha. She is also known for her performance of composer Trịnh Công Sơn songs. Hồng Nhung was born in Hanoi, deserted by her mother before she was a year old and brought up by her grandmother. Her father was a bohemian figure who drifted in and out of her life, never contributing much money for the food and clothes she was so short of. Nhung had a good voice, though, and when she was 11 she sang her first song on Vietnam Radio. At 17 she made her first album, and by 21 she was starting to make a name for herself. At the age of 10, she was admitted to the vocal class of the Hanoi Youth Culture House. In 1981, she started recording with Radio the Voice of Vietnam. She became known as a promising young singer with songs Nhớ Về Hà Nội and Papa, a Vietnamese cover of the Myo song. In 1991, Nhung moved to Ho Chi Minh City. She met composer Trịnh Công Sơn in 1992 and began to perform his songs with a new style, creating a wave in Vietnamese music. Lê Hồng Nhung is living in Ho Chi Minh City. –wikipedia

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