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Homecoming (笑着回家)


Singapore, 2011 (93 min)
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Director: Lee Thean-Jeen
Cast: Mark Lee, Jack Neo, Karen Neo, Afdlin Shauki, Ah-Niu, Rebecca Lim, Huang Wen Hong

Simple bliss and family harmony is essentially what every local Chinese hopes to experience over the Lunar New Year and Director Lee Thean-Jeen offers just that in this light-hearted comedy. HOMECOMING is a series of stories about family and what it means to go home. The characters in these stories come from a diverse range of generations, races, and social backgrounds and are linked through blood, friendship, and geography. This Singapore-Malaysia team effort stars Mark Lee as a demanding chef who cannot wield the same control over his daughter. Rebecca Lim plays a woman who is about to meet her in-laws from hell. Jack Neo cross-dresses again in the role of Karen Neo, while Ah Niu plays her son, who goes on a hilarious journey across the Causeway for their yearly reunion dinner. Kung hee fat choy!

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