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Film Resource: Gánh Xiếc Rong (The Traveling Circus)

Gánh Xiếc Rong (The Traveling Circus)
Viet Nam, 1988 (74 minutes)

Director: Viet Linh
Cast: Bac Son, The Anh, Thai Ngan, Vien Minh
Cinematography: Dinh Anh Dzung
Script: Pham Thuy Nhan

Vietnamese with English subtitles
Director Viet Linh tells the bittersweet story of a small traveling circus from Hanoi stopping in an impoverished ethnic minority village in Viet Nam’s central highlands. Through the eyes of a village youngster, we witness the magic of the circus, and the maive hope that illusion can be transformed into reality. The Traveling Circus is an extremely realistic, sensitive and moving film that is rarely shown either in Viet Nam or abroad.


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