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Film Resource: Chung một Dòng Sông (On the Same River)

On the same river image

Viet Nam, 1959 (90 minutes)

Director: Hong Nghi & Hieu Dan
Cast: Phi Nga, Manh Linh, Huy Cong, and Danh Tan
Cinematography: Nguyen Dac
Script: Cao Dinh Bau, Dao Xuan Tung

Vietnamese with no English subtitles
Following the Geneva Accords, Ben Hai river became the provisional line dividing the North and South regions. Unfortunately, this division also obstructed the relationship between Van, who is from the northern side, and Hoai, who is from the southern side. Van and Hoai fell in love with each other while taking part in the anti-French resistance. Their love is a struggle that parallels the nation.

Source adapted from: Viet Nam Film Institute, (2008). Catalogue of Vietnamese Awarded Films (1949-2005). Ha Noi: Viet Nam.

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Distributor: Phuong Nam Films