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Film Resource: Chiến dịch trái tim bên phải (Campaign of the Correct Heart)

Chiến dịch trái tim bên phải (Campaign of the Correct Heart)
Viet Nam, 2005 (95 minutes)

Director: Dao Duy Phuc
Cast: Ho Ngoc Ha, Tran Luc, Doan Hoang Kien, and Thai Duy
Cinematography: Pham Vi Linh
Script: Hoang Anh Tu, and Dao Thuy Trang

Vietnamese with no English subtitles
This is a special film offering a unique perspective on today’s youth in Viet Nam. A unique teacher appears in school: Hoai An. She’s young, beautiful, modern, and impressive and she’s just started teaching a group of “little demons.” She’s using new teaching techniques and giving the students new experiences that seem just right to motivate them.

Source adapted from: Viet Nam Film Institute, (2008). Catalogue of Vietnamese Awarded Films (1949-2005). Ha Noi: Viet Nam.

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