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Film Resource: Chị Tư Hậu (Mrs. Tu Hau)

Chị Tư Hậu (Mrs. Tu Hau)
Viet Nam, 1963 (76 minutes)

Director: Pham Ky Nam
Cast: Tra Giang, Ba Du, Minh Tri, Tran Phuong, and Minh Dang
Cinematography: Nguyen Khanh Du
Script: Bui Duc Ai

Vietnamese with no English subtitles
During an enemy sweep through the Bai Sao area, Mrs. Tu Hau was raped. Feeling disgraced, she decided to commit suicide, but the cry for mild from a little baby caused her to stop. On top of that, her husband Khoa was killed on the battlefield. Overcoming her suffering, she decides to carry out her duties assigned by the organization.

Source adapted from: Viet Nam Film Institute, (2008). Catalogue of Vietnamese Awarded Films (1949-2005). Ha Noi: Viet Nam.

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