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Film Resource: Cao Nguyên F-101 (Highland F-101)

Cao Nguyên F-101 (Highland F-101)
Viet Nam, 1988 (85 minutes x 2 DVDs)

Director: Khoi Nguyen
Cast: Thuong Tin, Minh Trang, Le Cung Bac, Quang Dai, Tran Vinh, and Thuy An
Cinematography: Nguyen Hoe

Vietnamese with no English subtitles
This is a police/spy film set in the contemporary Central Highlands. Two undercover policemen infiltrate and expose a FURLO (Front Unifee de Lutte des Races Opptimees) plot.

Source: John K. McAskill, Systems Librarian at La Salle University

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