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Film Resource: Cỏ Lau (Arundinaceous Cane)

Cỏ Lau (Arundinaceous Cane)
Viet Nam, 1993 (84 minutes)

Director: Vuong Duc
Cast: Don Duong, Thuong Thuong Huyen, Hong Son, Tran Hanh, and Minh Chau
Cinematography: Bui Trung Hai
Script: Le Hoai Nguyen

Vietnamese with no English subtitles
Luc went to the North to fight leaving his elderly father and young wife, Thai, at home. On a rainy night, Thai found a body drifting on the water and she believes it to be Luc. She and her father-in-law picked up the body and bury it. Thai remarries to Quang, who is a kind photographer, and brings her father-in-law to live with them. At the end of the war, Luc returns.

Source adapted from: Viet Nam Film Institute, (2008). Catalogue of Vietnamese Awarded Films (1949-2005). Ha Noi: Viet Nam.

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