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Film Resource: Bến Không Chồng (Wharf of Widows)

Bến Không Chồng (Wharf of Widows)
Viet Nam, 2000 (105 minutes)

Director: Luu Trong Ninh
Cast: Thuy Ha, Luu Trong Ninh, Nhu Quynh, Minh Chau
Cinematography: Nguyen Huu Tuan
Vietnamese with no English subtitles

At a wharf on a river in the northern delta during the time of restoration of peace in 1954, only single women and widows can be found. They wait. The area is electrified by the appearance of Van, who is a veteran of the French war. He becomes the target of all the women in the village.

Source adapted from: Viet Nam Film Institute, (2008). Catalogue of Vietnamese Awarded Films (1949-2005).

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