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Endorphine is one of the most popular Thai rock bands in Thailand today. The band consists of Da (lead vocals), Kia (guitar), Bird (bass), and Bomb (drum). Current members are (nickname in parenthesis): Thanida Thamwimon (Da): lead vocals, Anucha Boethongkhamkul (Kia): guitar, Thanat Amornmanus (Bird): bass guitar, Thapaphol Amornmanus (Bomb): percussion.

The band started in junior high school. Friends Bomb (drums) and Kia (guitar) decided to form a band and asked Bomb’s brother Bird (bass) to join in. They decided they needed a lead vocalist, and that’s when Da came in. Impressed with Da’s unique and powerful voice, the band asked her to join. “Since we played rock music, we never thought our lead singer would be a girl,” Bomb said. “But when we heard Da sing, we knew she was the missing piece.” They were almost set, but there was still one other thing they needed – the right name. Stuck in traffic one day, Bomb spotted a bumper sticker that had the word “endorphine” written on it. Curious, Bomb looked the word up and found the perfect name for his band. “Endorphins are a chemical substance produced by the brain when we’re happy or in pain,” Bomb said. “And we want people to be happy listening to our songs. Hence the name Endorphine.” –Wikipedia

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