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Taufik Batisah: تيوف بتيسه

Muhammad Taufik Bin Batisah (Jawi: مهمد تيوفيك بن بتيسه) is the winner of the first season of the reality TV series Singapore Idol. He is a Singaporean of mixed Bugis and Indian descent. Taufik first started out as a singer in a local group called Bonafide playing a mixture of hip-hop and R&B with fellow rapper, Mark Bonafide.

He participated in the first season of the reality TV series Singapore Idol in 2004. On 1 December 2004, Taufik was crowned the Singapore Idol at the Singapore Indoor Stadium before an audience of more than 8,000 fans and 1.8 million viewers across the country. He scored a recording deal with Sony BMG and a management deal under Hype Records’ artiste management arm, ArtisteNetworks. It was later revealed that Taufik had won 682,000 of the 1.1 million votes cast that night, while his opponent Sylvester Sim managed 418,000 votes.

After his win, Taufik clinched a string of endorsements for brands such as Harmuni Rice, Samsung, 7-Eleven stores and HSC drinks. He even became the first Singapore artiste to endorse for the Swiss watch-maker, Swatch. He received further recognition at the Anugerah Planet Muzik 07. As well as being voted the Most Popular Singapore Artiste, his single Usah Lepaskan (Don’t Let Go) won the awards for being the Most Popular Singapore Song and the Best Singapore Song. Usah Lepaskan was the Number 1 Song of the Year on Ria 89.7FM.

In 2007, Taufik debuted his Malaysian album titled, Teman Istimewa (Special Friend) on 5 September and was the album long-awaited by the Malaysian Fiknatics (as his fans are called). Taufik produced 90% of this album and three songs are the Malay version of his earlier English songs First, Holding On and I Promise Forever. Seribu Tahun (A Thousand Years), a song which he co-wrote, swept the Malaysian radio charts after it became the theme song for Malaysia’s Channel TV3 hit drama series, Kerana Cintaku Saerah (Because Of My Love Saerah).

It had been an exuberant start for Taufik in 2010. Besides fronting the finale performance at the Chingay Parade 2010 and performing for the second consecutive time under the invitation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea and Singapore’s NAC, he continued to earn recognition for his music. He earned the top honor roll of six major awards at the first Awards, which honored the best in the local Malay music industry. 2010 also saw Taufik diversifying his art and making his theatrical debut in Dick Lee’s Fried Rice Paradise – The Musical. –taken from Wikipedia.

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