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Death Threat

Death Threat are pioneering gangsta rap artists in the Philippines composed of MCs O.G. Beware, olan, Hi-Jakkk, O-Dogg, Gloc-9, Konflick, Phat-L, Dyablo, Sir Scratch and Radical M.K. & the only English speaking artist in the group M.E.N.A.C.E. At a time when party themed tracks dominated Pinoy rap as exemplified by such mainstream artists like Denmark and Andrew E, they released their seminal “Gusto Kong Bumaet” debut LP which ushered the Philippine Hardcore and Gangsta Rap Scene. The group became famous for their song “Gusto Kong Bumaet” (I Want To Be Good) which told tales of the daily lives of the young impoverished Filipino youth growing up in the city streets and slum areas, other singles are “Ilibing Ng Buhay” with Pooch of Ghetto Doggs, “24 Oras”, “Kamusta Na”, “Babae Ay Minamahal”, and “Private Diane” with Ely Buendia and master rapper Francis M. . They already shoot their first single “Hood2Hood” on their 8th upcoming album “Death Threat 8” and soon to bang on your hood. They have released several albums since then and are currently signed to the record label “Real Deal Productions”. –Wikipedia.

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