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Ning Baizura binti Sheikh Hamzah (born on 28 June 1975), popularly known as Ning, is a Malaysian pop and R&B singer,[1] who records and sings in languages, including Bahasa Malaysia, English, Japanese, Italian, French, Mandarin and Cantonese. She was born in Kajang, Malaysia from the Arab, Malay, Dutch, Chindian and Javanese parents.

Ning crossed into the commercial scene in 1992 and became a recording artiste under various international labels (Sony, BMG, AMS Records Japan, Warner Music Group, and as of September 2008 her own music label (HappeNings Records), where she has recorded songs of the pop, soul and R&B genres. Her discography includes 10 full studio albums (three of which are full English albums), as well as numerous compilations. Ning has also won various music industry awards and prizes, and has performed in the UK, Italy, France, China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Switzerland and the United States.

Ning is best known for her live stage performances. She is an actress and has had roles in musicals, ten major films, short films and several tele-movies. Most significant of her roles is her critically acclaimed performance in the short film ‘Malaikat Di Jendela’ (Angel by My Window), directed by Osman Ali. She played a role of a midwife ostracized from her village because her husband had died of HIV. This film took part in several film festivals in Cannes, Rotterdam and Singapore.

In 2006, Ning set up her own recording company, Artiste United Records (AUR). Her stable of artistes are her proteges, Nicolette Palikat or ‘Nikki’ from Malaysian Idol Season 1) and Siti Surianie Julkarim (Yanie) (from Mentor Season 1), as well as Ahmad Nubhan Ahamad (Nubhan) from Akademi Fantasia, Season 6. Meanwhile her latest English album ‘EastToWest’ was released in Malaysia on 10 March 2008.

She worked with Yasmin Ahmad in the controversial movie Muallaf (The Convert). It won several international awards in Europe including The Berlin Film Fest and Singapore Film Fest.