at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

KatiTaog (from Ballet Philippines)

KatiTaog is one of three dances to be performed as part of the Ballet Philippines’ show, “Neo FILIPINO.”

Choreographed by BP Artistic Director Max Luna III, KatiTaog is a fusion of indigenous movements and modern dance set to the live music of Kalayo (formerly Pinikpikan).

The title, KatiTaog, comes from the words “kati” which means low tide, and “taog” which means high tide. Inspired by the unique rhythmic movement of the waves, Luna set out to create a dance that would evoke the unique essence of the ocean. Incorporated into the dance are movements taken from the Pangalay, an ancient dance performed by the Badjao people of Sulu.

KatiTaog from Pia Faustino on Vimeo.