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Elizabeth Denada Ayu Tambunan Anggia, usually called Denada, (born in Jakarta , December 19 1978) is a singer and actress in Indonesia . She is the daughter of Emilia Contessa, a famous singer in the 1970s, and Rio Tambunan, who was originally a singer of pop and later specialized in rap.

Denada originally known as one of the top rappers in Indonesia in the early 1990s. She then left a career as a rapper to continue her education in Australia. Upon her return from Australia, Denada tried to return to the music world, but changed lanes to the flow of dangdut. Her dangdut songs were very successful and won several music awards, among them Anugerah Musik Indonesia and Indonesian MTV Awards in the year 2005. In addition, she also starred in several soap operas including “The days of Mau”, “Nyari Bini”, “Divine Secrets”, and “Light of Heaven.”

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