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A Philippine-based band proudly waving the banner of hometown Cebu, Urbandub is growing to be a titan, a superpower of the Pinoy independent rock movement. Local or International, they’re jet-set to stir up waves, raising the level for today’s modern angst. Listen up and try their songs for size. Their craft could only get better.

Urbandub is Gabby Alipe (Vocalist / Guitarist), Lalay Lim (Bassist), John Mendoza (Drummer) and John Dinopol (Lead Guitarist). Urbandub’s career thus far has given much inspiration and support to upcoming acts, most of which fall under the Lighter Records stable such as Faspitch, The Ambassadors, Still, Nuncyspungen (Cagayan) and Point Click Kill (Ilo Ilo). Each of them now aspire to take their own roads in music, paving their own way and modeling some of their steps after the success of Urbandub.

From the very first day that this band was formed (in the year 2000), they were destined to be something more than the ordinary. Forced to be independent due to the lack of support coming from major record companies, Urbandub released their debut album called BIRTH. Off of this album, the hit tracks “Come,” “Give” and “Would You Go” launched and took their world by storm. Unique, timely and yet experimental, it was something that entertainment scenes around the Philippines needed: a kick-start into the future of original music.

With the release of their sophomore effort, INFLUENCE (Lighter Records), Urbandub took on a new form, changing their sound with a new drummer (From Jed Honrado to Jerros Dolino). It was the sound in this album that clearly defined the steps that Urbandub would start to take. The track “Soul Searching” later won the award as Best Song of the Year in the NU107 Rock Awards 2003. Pushing the sound further, the collection bagged the Album Of The Year Award in the NU107 Rock Awards 2004.

Urbandub released their album EMBRACE in 2005, and with it, it proved that there is hope for struggling artists. With help from their community and the noise they created, they were able to grab the attention of EMI Music Philippines. Since then the band has kept Lighter Records as their management arm and guide. In line with their ideals, EMI allowed the members the creative freedom to record their album on their home soil of Cebu. They have also been able to maintain their independent principles while taking major steps into the scene that has awaited their new sound.

After more than 10,000 albums sold, thousands of miles traveled around the country and some dizzying highs and lows, an energized Urbandub returned with UNDER SOUTHERN LIGHTS in 2007. This latest album boasts 10 tracks of Urbandub’s new approach to their own brand-their brilliance shines throughout a melodious rock tune and diverse songwriting. -taken from (official video)

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