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02 Rock Da Party by Saykoji on Grooveshark

Saykoji gained popularity in 2006 with his hit single “So What Gitu Loh.” At the time, he was one of the few prominent rappers after Iwa K’s era came to an end. Following his successful debut album, he released a second album with the hit single “Jomblo,” again a crowd favorite among Indonesia’s youth. They also sang “Kecoa Ngesot” as part of a rap compilation under EMI label.

Saykoji is none other than one singer/rapper, Ignatius Rosoinaya Penyami a.k.a. Igor. Before his exposure to Indonesian rap, he was a not a fan of the genre because of its unclear lyrics. After listening to prominent Indonesian rappers like Black Skin, Iwa K, and Neo, he became a believer and started to get deeper into rapping. At the time, he was a loner in school and got the nickname psycho. From this name calling, came the inspiration for his name Saykoji (Psycho-G).

For shows, Saykoji normally has Guntur Simbolon and Della MC of Batik Tribe as his posse. Igor also have a gospel rap group called Disciples made up of him and his friends, JFlow, Guntur Simbolon, and Rendy Rainhard.

In mid-2009, Saykoji came out with a new single entitled “Online.” Even though it was released as single only, it gained popularity fast and gone viral among Indonesians, especially those in online communities. “Online” even became a jingle for one of Indonesia’s leading cellphone provider, which in turn, made it even more popular. He also released a controversial song “Copy My Style” telling the story of other rappers plagiarizing his piece called “Tahukah Kau.” Currently, Saykoji is finishing up his third album Narsis slated for late 2010.

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