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Base Jam

Base+Jam+basejamThis group of musicians from Bandung, Indonesia, started out jamming together at local gigs before forming the band Base Jam in January 1994. The personnel in the original band consisted of Bambang Sutanto (drums), Adon Saptowo (vocals), Sigit Wardana (vocals), Adnil Farsal (guitar), Ardi Isnandar (guitar), and two females, Intan Putri Werdiniadi (keyboards), and Ardhini Citrasari (bass). Base Jam broke up in 2003 and reunited in 2009 with former members Adnil, and Intan leaving the band. They signed their first contract with PT. Musica Studios and have recorded four albums with them, including Dreaming (1996), Dua (1997), Ti3a (1999), Emp4t (2000).

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