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One Night (Sarong Banggi)

Sarong Bonggi image
Wednesday, 21 April
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

Philippines 2005 (107 min)
Tagalog with English subtitles
Dir: Emmanuel dela Cruz
Cast: Jacklyn Jose, Angelo Ilagan, Al Cris Galura, Miguel Guno, Pierro Rodriguez
Music: Jessie Lasaten

Emmanuel dela Cruz’s first feature film Sarong Banggi derives its title from a Bicolano folk song that one of the characters used to sing to her baby as a lullaby. It’s a melancholic song that sets the mood of the film employing different variations in tempo and rhythm.

Melba (Jacklyn Jose) is an aging prostitute who is hired by a group of friends for Nyoy (Angelo Ilagan), the group’s birthday boy and only virgin. When they discover that Melba isn’t actually the mid-twenties hottie she described herself to be, they diss her and head out to the nearest bar to catch younger girls for the birthday boy. Nyoy who seems to have something more in his mind, wanders from the bar and back to Melba. Melba and Nyoy develop a bond that we later discover, is something more than friendship. From the makers of Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Sarong Banggi earned Official Selection status at ImaginAsian (NYC) and CineAsia (Barcelona), and won Jaclyn Jose the 2006 Urian for Best Actress. –Francis Cruz

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