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Dengue Fever–CSEAS Song of the Week

CSEAS is proud to announce our newest weekly feature–a song of the week! Using technology from Grooveshare, CSEAS will bring you a new Southeast Asian inspired tune each week. This song may be accessed from the main page of our site or through the post describing the song. We hope you enjoy this new aspect of our weekly programs and look forward to your comments/suggestions/etc. The first song of the week is noted below:


Dengue Fever is Chhom Nimol – who sang regularly for the King and Queen of Cambodia – Ethan Holtzman (keyboards), Zac Holtzman (guitar), David Ralicke (horns), Senon Williams (bass) and Paul Smith (drums). The band’s music has been featured in a number of film and television shows including CITY OF GHOSTS, MUST LOVE DOGS, BROKEN FLOWERS, HBO’s hit series TRUE BLOOD and twice on Showtime’s, WEEDS. They have released three albums, Dengue Fever, Escape From Dragon House, Venus On Earth and released their DVD/CD soundtrack to the documentary Sleepwalking Through The Mekong on April 14, 2009.

The band’s eponymous debut was mostly covers of Cambodian classics. Their second album, Escape From Dragon House, written almost entirely by the band, was more psychedelic, freer, looser and more experimental than the debut. Their next release, 2008’s Venus on Earth, consisted entirely of original material, with several songs performed in English, furthering the band’s overall goal to fuse American and Cambodian styles. In 2009, the band earned kudos for the DVD/CD soundtrack release of the documentary film Sleepwalking Through The Mekong, which chronicled their 2005 trip to Nimol’s homeland during the water festival. They also wrote and performed in front of live audiences a commissioned soundtrack for the 1925 silent film classic The Lost World.

Earlier this year, the band curated a collection of classic Cambodian rock songs from the pre-Khmer Rouge era called Dengue Fever Presents: Electric Cambodia.
(exert taken from the band’s MySpace page)

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