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ISEAS Special Publication Packages

The Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) offers special publication packages for only USD$50 on topics like Ageing, Environment and Gender. For more information or to place your order, please fax to 65 67756259 or Each book in these themed publication packages ranges from $30 to $40 individually so this special offer provides an excellent bargain on key titles in Southeast Asian scholarship today.

Ageing includes:
Older Persons in Southeast Asia: An Emerging Asset
Ageing and Long-term Care: National and Policies in the Asia-Pacific
Ageing in Southeast and East Asia: Family, Social Protection and Policy Challenges

Environment includes:
Working with Nature Against Poverty
Governance, Politics and the Environment: A Singapore Study
Managing Natural Wealth: Environment and Development in Malaysia
Clean, Green and Blue: Singapore’s Journey Towards Environmental and Water Sustainability

Gender includes:
Gender Trends in Southeast Asia: Women Now, Women in the Future
Muslim/Non-Muslim Marriage: Political and Cultural Contestations in Southeast Asia
Gender and Natural Resource Management: Livelihoods, Mobility and Interventions