at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Truth Be Told

Truth be told image
Wednesday, 3 February
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

2007, 84 Minutes
English, Mandarin, Chinese dialects (English Subtitles)

Director: Teo Eng Tiong
Cast: Yvonne Lim, Bernard Tan, Liang Tian, Steve Woon, Louis Lim

Television producer Renee Donovan (Yvonne Lim) and her cameraman (Bernard Tan) are assigned to investigate the high incidence of deaths in a poor neighborhood. Her boss wants a sensational story but Renee is more concerned about finding a mysterious poor old woman. In her search for truth, she is forced to deal with her own past from which she ran away ten years ago. The drama builds up suspense that culminates in a shocking climax. Facing the truth can be a daunting task, but ignoring it is merely an act of self-deception. The film examines the dark side of life in Singapore’s public housing – the old and the poor living in the crevices of a modern and increasingly materialistic society. Truth Be Told was awarded the Best Original Film In Competition Award at the 5th Asian Film Festival of Rome in 2007. -Toronto Singapore Film Festival

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